August 16: Stories

Even the small wins are victories too, Ashiwel.

I’ve got stories
Each one a greying hair on my head
I have ink on my soul ⏤ let me tell you
I waited for love four years
Now love waits for me, too
Beautiful, around the corner,
Waits for me daily to come home
A quiet love that loves loudly
A quiet hug to speak volumes

I’ve got stories
About waiting to be called into the room
But I once sat here ⏤ do you remember?
I once sat here
In the presence of strong men
I was still waiting but my heart had sailed
It’s alright, I’ll wash your feet
I decorated this room

And that is the beauty of the thing,
That even the small wins are victories too
But victory needs witnesses
Can you see me?
I have won myself

I’ve got stories
About the violence I’ve seen,
Please forgive my emotions ⏤ I’ve got stories
I was waiting to take revenge against myself
For all the times I faltered
All the times I held back
All the times I believed voices
That didn’t believe me
Victory needs patience

I’ve got stories
Like old friends, that cling to me
Battle scars from my in-between place
It was there I first learned to abuse grace
First learned to hide my spirit
It was there I learned to give up on myself
Before the world could give up on me

These are the wars we fight within ourselves
To conquer things as difficult as our own souls
To learn redemptions we can’t earn
These are the tattoos life inks on us

They say victory needs witnesses
Can you see me?
I have won myself.


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