August 16: I Am Lionheart

You should see my hands
The scars that adorn them like henna
They have been to war
And they have won me my name
I am a brave, brave song,
I am Lionheart.

Or you should see my smile
When it falls to the ground
And breaks into a thousand pieces of sun
I am my mother’s child, my father’s son
I am wings on a free spirit

So where shall I go tomorrow?
Where shall the rising sun lead me?

Oh shall I show you the stars?
How they wave when I look down
How they call to me often
To ask when they shall spell my name

You should see the dawn
As it kneels in reverence, to say
This day is your kingdom,
Mingwuo, I am on my knees

Mingwuo: a traditional Urhobo greeting reserved for people older than you. It translates literally to, ‘I am on my knees’.

Every year on my birthday, for the past few years now, I have written a poem that speaks about how I felt about the old year, or feel about the coming year.

Special thanks to everyone who made 2014 – 2015 beautiful. I couldn’t have come this far without you.


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