Breakup Lines 2

Breakup Lines {Part 02}



Sirkastiq Breakup Lines Tweet - Ashiwel

It’s always a good day until night falls. That’s when memories come to play. They crawl out from the closet, they hang from the spinning fan and squeal with delight as they spin around his head, and they tuck themselves in beside him on the Vitafoam bed. They just show up, no phone calls, no warning, no invitation.

And he doesn’t mind much; the memories are alright, it’s what comes after that isn’t. Like last week, when they showed up high and brought him her phone number on a cold rainy night. He doesn’t remember how many times he called, but when she called back, she had said it was because she came out of the bathroom to see sixteen missed calls, a rambling message on iChat, and another twelve missed calls on her second phone. He said it was because he liked her callertunes.

Then there was the other day when he’d run into her in the company of her new boyfriend, and the elation he had felt because he was with three girls at the time, all of them prettier than her in their Peruvian hair and Zara clothes and genuine half-British accents. And their stupid Peruvian hair.

It wasn’t awkward; he’s never awkward in public. Heck, he shook the dude like they were drinking buddies from college, and to prove he was doing great and all, he gave her the bro hug. That night, the memories came to party with a Drake CD, and they put Marvin’s Room on replay, and between Fifa ’13 games and cold Dominos Pizza, he called her, and sang the whole song to her—and the rap part. She didn’t hang up.

It all started with a simple text message on a warm July night. “Babes,” it had begun, “this is hard, but it’s not working. And I found someone else. I’m sorry.”


Hey…thank you for dropping by. Breakup Lines Part II is an experimental fiction thing I started, where I take a random tweet from one of the people I follow and create a fictional breakup story out of it. If you’d like to write something for this series, please email me {}, or tweet at me, {@iamashiwel}. Many thanks to @Sirkastiq for letting me (ab)use his tweet this way.

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